About Us

Splitz is changing how Creators manage their data, distribute their content, and earn money all in one place.

At Splitz, better data management and faster payouts begin with better technology.
So we built an industry-leading mobile application creating with you from the start with real-time split sheets, data analysis, and faster payouts. The more you create and share with the world, the more you earn!

Key Leadership

Corey Livingston

  • Is a highly skilled professional with over 10 years of experience in artist management and Fintech. He began his career as an investment banking analyst, gaining valuable knowledge and skills in financial analysis, risk assessment, and investment strategies.  his passion for the music industry led him to pursue a career in artist management, where he excelled in developing and nurturing the careers of numerous successful artists.

Ashley Magitt

  • Is a multi-talented professional with a diverse background in music, finance, and technology. Ashley started her career as an artist and songwriter, crafting captivating lyrics and melodies that have earned her a loyal fan base. Her passion for technology and business led her to pursue a career in IT banking, where she excelled in project management and innovation.

Michael Craig

  • A talented designer with a passion for creating customer-focused solutions. He was a Senior User Experience Designer for 7-Eleven corporation with over 15 years of experience in UX Design.

Intern Spring 2024

Dev Manoj Raiyani

  • As a computer science student at Loyal Marymount University and a seasoned social media content creator with over a decade of experience, our featured intern has honed their skills in captivating audiences with engaging content. Dev’s passion for both technology and the arts extend to crafting music for the last 5 years, where they blend technical acumen with creative flair to create unique auditory experiences. This diverse skill set allows them to seamlessly navigate the intersection of digital innovation adding to the Splitz objectives.

Investors and Advisors

Marl 5g Accelerator