Your Mom’s House Party from Splitz Intern

I embarked on an extraordinary journey across India, fueled by the shared dream of three friends – Dev, Amin, and Stuvi. This tour, surpassing mere performances, aimed to intertwine their distinctive beats with India’s diverse soundscape, creating a celebration of musical connection.

The tour’s origin emerged from a laid-back conversation, ignited by an unwavering passion for music and the magnetic pull of India’s rich cultural tapestry. Named ‘Your Mom’s House Party,’ the tour aspired to evoke a warm, inclusive ambiance, akin to the comfort of a friend’s house gathering.

City highlights showcased the vibrant energy of Bangalore, the infectious festive spirit of Christmas Eve in Delhi against its historical backdrop, and a mesmerizing New Year’s Eve in Mumbai with its iconic skyline. Each city crafted distinctive crowd interactions, from surprise flash mobs to spontaneous Bollywood mixes, leaving indelible impressions.

Behind the scenes, meticulous planning and rehearsals were dedicated to crafting setlists that seamlessly blended local flavors with the DJ trio’s signature style. Overcoming challenges, such as adapting to diverse venues and tackling technical glitches, served to fortify the team’s camaraderie.

The impact on the DJ’s career was profound, refining skills in connecting with audiences and navigating adaptability. Post-tour, the vision expanded to infuse more cultural elements into mixes, with aspirations for collaborations ignited by the transformative journey.

As the India tour ended on January 8th, “Your Mom’s House Party” transcended mere performance—it symbolized the dawn of a legacy. A legacy of music breaking boundaries, uniting people through the universal language of rhythm and beats, ensuring the party lives on wherever their beats resonate.

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