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Unleash Your Creative Power: Breaking Free from Industry Constraints

In this ever-evolving and changing industry, it’s no secret that as an artist you can face a mountain of challenges when it comes to being fairly compensated for your work if you’re to be compensated at all. Whether it’s navigating your way through the network of complicated structures put in place regarding royalties and delayed payments. Or even uncertainty around transparency and truth, there are many disheartening issues that as an artist or creative, you may find yourself coming face to face with simply by wanting to share your heart and soul’s work. 

At Splitz app we get it, we know how disheartening it can be. This is why our founders are ready to revolutionize the industry as a whole and bring in a new standard and solution that will set the tone for the future, usher in a new paradigm within the creative industry, and put the power back into your hands as an artist. Our solutions aim to lay a foundation for sovereignty and authority for artists and creatives within the industry as a whole and set the tone for a future ‘standard’ way of practice.

At Splitz we believe that you, the creator, the artist should have more freedom and autonomy over your work and without a doubt be rewarded in a way that is not only fair but feels abundant, rewarding, and nourishing to your soul.

Creative expression comes from the soul and is a direct extension of you, so it would make sense that you would feel good, wholesome, and nourished when it comes to being rewarded and compensated for your work. Yet the way that the system has been set up and structured, makes it difficult if not impossible to find financial and creative freedom and maintain a standard of living that is acceptable. In this article, we take a closer look and discuss the issues that arise within the industry, which have been well documented and ‘renowned’ to make it troublesome for creatives and artists to move forward.

1. Complex royalty structures

One of the primary hurdles artists face is the complex royalty structures and maintaining a balance between the various stakeholders involved, such as record labels, distributors, management, and streaming platforms. As an artist have you found it challenging to track, keep records, and be rewarded for what you believe to be fair in terms of your earnings?
Splitz app aims to simplify these structures, providing transparency and ensuring artists and creatives receive not only accurate but timely payments, thanks to our blockchain technology. This guarantees transparency and integrity. Our goal is to not only permit our community to reap the benefits of this but to create real and tangible change within the industry as a whole. If you want to be a part of this shift within your industry then the Splitz app is an opportunity for you to be part of this.
2. Delayed Payments
Many artists have experienced delayed payments at some point on their journey which puts immense pressure on the reality of everyday life in the forms of financial strain. Splitz app technology will streamline the payment process meaning you get to be paid promptly and directly. We aim to give you the support you deserve and contribute to a healthier and happier creative process and life, bringing more ease, effortlessness, and flow into your work.
3. Lack of Transparency
As the World is evolving around us, it is becoming clearer than ever that transparency is needed and welcomed in all areas of life, especially business. The creative industry is not excluded from this desire for transparency and truth. In the current environment, the structures set out mean that to be rewarded financially, fairly, and integrally, there needs to be an understanding of how revenue is calculated, allocated, and distributed. This lack of knowledge is a common hurdle that you may face as a creative alongside the time and energy it takes to learn this side of the process as a whole. Splitz app will eradicate the need for disputes because it offers real-time financial and statistical insights that aim to not only empower you but also give you a clear understanding of earnings and downloads.

4. The ‘Middlemen’ and Commission Fees

A very common reason why so many artists struggle to create a viable income, support themselves, or simply have no option but to ‘give up’ altogether, is often because only a fraction of the revenue is generated through their work. Splitz app facilitates direct payments potentially eliminating the need for excessive intermediaries and ‘middlemen’ alongside allowing the artist to retain a significant proportion, if not all of their earnings. Meaning we can wave goodbye to hefty commissions and fees.

5. Global Payment Challenges

If you are an artist collaborating across borders, currency conversions and transaction fees can create an even bigger dent in revenue. Splitz app’s built-in features allow for seamless transactions globally opening up more opportunities and doorways for international collaboration.


6. Inconsistent Revenue Streams

Artists often do not rely on just one income stream solely through music, writing, or creation. Often streaming platforms are just a proportion of what brings in revenue as a whole. Merchandise, live performances, and bookings are also often needed to create stability financially. The Splitz app allows you to consolidate all your revenue streams in one place. Creating simplicity and structure that is easy to navigate.


7. New and emerging artists

For a new and emerging artist getting a break or starting is not only daunting but is shrouded in uncertainty. Splitz app creates simplicity and ease in the entire process from start to finish which allows the artist to start at a fair and honest point. This is encouraging and supportive of emerging talent and will allow the whole industry to expand and grow supporting diversity.

In conclusion, creatives, artists, and the entire industry as a whole are ready for these changes.

We believe that as an artist you deserve more freedom, autonomy, and authority over your work and the simple truth is, there is a more honest, real, and easier way for you to create a stable and abundant income doing what you were born to do. 

The Splitz app and system facilitate these changes and provide the solution the artists and industry need in the current world we are living in.

Direct payments and streamlining revenue incomes will revolutionize the way artists are compensated. It will address and resolve common challenges and establish the foundations for an honest and transparent system and industry. This will change the environment in which artists operate and create. Because let’s be honest, if you are an artist you were born to create. We are so ready and excited to empower artists with the tools they need to navigate and overcome the complexities of the current industry and industry structures and practices.
As a final note, our solution redefines the relationship between the artist and business, meaning artists can do what they came here to do. Create from the heart.
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